Grey Fully Covered L-Shape Sofa Set With Pouffes And Coffee Table

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The grey colour of this set is not very much glaring and easily absorbing for your eyes. Replace your ordinary stools with this product and for sure it is going to give you the maximum comfort. Also, the colour of the cushion is something different and unique, unlike the conventional colour combinations. This is, of course, going to serve as extra seats whenever your sofas or anything feels occupied. Bevelled Glass has been fitted on the top of the table. You can quickly get an impression of a square resting on a sleeping square bracket. Nurture your Coffee moments on this creation.

1. This L-type Sofa Set composed of hardwood is strong enough to support its long life usage.

2. The foam filled in it is making seat level rise up to 40D. Also, the Cushion is of 32D on its handle and the back.

3. The Foam stuffed in the pouffes seat cushion possess a density of 40mm and the height is 4.

4. This perfect contemporary item is made of commercial wood and the finish colour it has is of grey colour.

5. This Masterpiece coffee table can be used for serving snacks, drinks, crisps and so on. It ditches you by playing the roles of end tables too.

Dimensions of Pouffe : 20 x 20 x 17 inches

Dimensions of centre table : 48 x 24 x 18

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