Natural Teak Z Nesting Side End Table- Set Of Three

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Our brand draws out one more utility item from its furniture basket to upgrade your interior and is popularly known as  "Natural Teak Z Nesting Side End Table".Now the product may be illusionary to some heads that what purpose does it exactly solve so the good news is that it does not solve a single purpose as it is capable of drawing attention from each member of your family. For giving a taste of innovation to your drawing rooms you can use this as a substitute to your Centre table and so excitingly and quickly you can compare this Arrangement with a staircase.    

  • This table is composed of teak wood polished with melamine semi -mat finish having natural Teak wood color.                                                 
  • It is an absolute treat for the eyes to watch its interesting configuration.
  • The two packed ingredients underneath can play the role of a stool on which you and your junior one can sit.
  • The whole set is a cluster of tables having different sizes piled up in a perfect Manner just like a "soul in a body".                                              
  •  Further, it is a gripping tool for the multi -generation.                                                                                                                                                      


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  • 1. Any spillage should be wiped dry with a soft cloth immediately as there is a chance of staining.
  • 2. Colour / polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • 3. Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish. Protect your furniture by using coasters and trivets
  • 4. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture. Use adhesive felt pads, trivets, coasters and placemats to help prevent scratches.
  • 5. Avoid direct contact with rubber bumpers and candle wax as it may react with the wood's finish and leave a stain.
  • 6. Wood will expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes. Maintain consistent humidity levels to minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping.
  • 7.Care for your wood furniture according to its finish.