An Awesome Shoe Rack For Storing Shoes With 5 Shelves

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This item made of steam beech wood is really soothing for your eyes just because of its light coloured appearance. The Whole item has been fitted with the commercial board with laminate and polished with melamine and so the ultimate colour it is delivering is natural.

1.You can easily pack your footwear collection inside this rack which gives you ample space to store many of your favourite pairs.

2. The dual benefit it offers is that the top of the shoe rack can also be brought into use for other purposes.

3. The Best part of this item is that it is completely covered and hides all the pairs so you can place this in your living rooms too or for that matter anywhere in your house where you feel like.


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  • 2. Colour / polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
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